The "Dear Doctor"
Postcard Collector Page
Details about Abbott Labs'
and other advertising
campaigns using postcards
from around the world.

by Tom Fortunato
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Dear Doctor Card Basics

Back in the mid-1950's, doctors in the United States began receiving colorful postcards from exotic locations around the world advertising a popular anesthetic drug known as Pentothal Sodium. Its manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories of Illinois, developed a scheme to mail a postcard every couple of weeks to hundreds of thousands of doctors and health facilities on its giant mailing list, first to US addresses and then others abroad.

Each card starts with the salutation, "Dear Doctor," hence the nickname of these collectibles sometimes referred to as "Dear Doctor" cards, followed by a message regarding the virtues of the drug. By the way, you probably know the drug by its more common name, truth serum, made popular in movies and TV shows during the spy era! This was "junk mail" at its finest.

There has been rather little written about these cards by either or deltiologists (postcard collectors) or philatelists (stamp collectors). But each group will find them interesting, as did their lucky recipients.

The cards all bear native scenes depicting the people, places, or culture of the country it was mailed from. They came from every corner of the globe, including such locales as Antarctica, French Polynesia, Panama, and Spanish Sahara.

Each was mailed the cheapest way by surface (boat) mail using colorful stamps of the period. Some were mailed in bulk and postmarked all on the same day. Others were spread out over several months and can be found with different stamps and postmark types on them. They were even sent on the first day of issue for some stamps.

This web site is a resource for collectors of the 183 face-different cards and their many varieties by Abbott Labs. Little is documented on their origin, and few collectors have ever been attempted to definitively catalog them... until now.

For an introduction to these postcards and others like them, read my article Dear Doctor Cards- Junk Mail with a Difference below. You'll also find several other articles of interest about them.

Do you collect these cards? Then consider joining our group. We are all interested in collecting them and share information about new finds.

To date, we have found Abbott cards in these 10 languages:
Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

And sent to these 37 countries and territories:
Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Australian Antarctic Territory, Belgian Congo, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Canal Zone, Chile, Colombia,
Cuba, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Hawaii (pre-statehood), Hong Kong, Italy, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands
Nicaragua, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Uruguay, USA

To join or just ask a question, send me an email! Members- include your name, city/state/country, describe what you type of around the world cards you collect (Abbott, Squibb, etc.) and feel free to pass along a buy/sell/trade offer. Send a photo if you have one in JPG format. I'll then post your name on our member page. There is no charge to join and no membership dues!

Do you have these cards? Help us build the data base of all Abbott and other drug and non-drug advertising cards. Check your cards against the master checklist and let us know if you have a new find. Send a scanned image of the card (minimum 100 DPI and 500 pixels in width) or send a photocopy of the item.

*** View Abbott Cards and Varieties ***

Click the link below to view images of each known card, then click any individual card to see a few of their message and text varieties.

Card Images: Web Link

*** Checklists ***

  • Master checklist of Abbott and other postcard campaigns (updated 02/26/24): Excel spreadsheet
  • Roger Cichorz's Summary of Abbott Non-English Language Postcards (11/18/23): PDF

  • *** Presentations ***

  • Introduction to Dear Doctor Postcards 4 meg PDF, 14 meg PowerPoint presentation by Tom Fortunato
  • Fun with Abbott Labs Dear Doctor Postcards 11 meg PDF, 20 meg PowerPoint presentation by Tom Fortunato
  • 2022 YouTube Video Interview about Dear Doctor Basics Mark Jones/Tom Fortunato

  • *** References ***

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  • Additional Different Script Typefaces for Same-Picture Abbott Cards
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  • The Origins of La Biomarine and Similar Cards by Publimer
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  • Other Abbott Advertising Mailings

    1965 Abbott Lettersheet Mailing (and earlier!)
    by Tom Fortunato, November 9, 2003
    Updated September 19, 2004
    Web page     Excel checklist

    Misc. Items of Interest

  • Dear Doctor Card Club Forming
    by Rob Haeseler, Linn's Stamp News,
    October 13, 2003 (JPG image)
    Page 1
  • Drug Company Produced First Day Covers by Tom Fortunato,
    updated January 4, 2004
    Excel checklist
  • Medical Mailing International
    The Use of Special Stamps in Pharmaceutical
    Promotions Overseas, (1969 letter and 4
    page booklet, Jersey, Channel Islands)
    posted May 29, 2005, reported by Bruce
    Ellison of Youngtown, AZ
    PDF document

  • Il bastone di Asclepio (Italian)
    drug company underprints
    stamps with its product names
    posted September, 2019
    PDF document, Web Page
  • Poulenc Butterfly Mailing
    by Tom Fortunato, June 11, 2011
    Web Page

  • Actifed Stamp Inserts
    by Tom Fortunato, June 11, 2011
    Web Page

  • W. C. Abbott and Abbott Lab History
    by the Made in Chicago Museum, 2017
    Web Page

  • Other known articles not online

    • World Tour, by Louis Gaitanis, Barr's Post Card News, March, 1991

    *** Members ***

    Click the link here to see a current listing of club members. Membership Listing: Web Page

    *** Join Us/Report Findings ***

    There is no charge to join the Dear Doctor club. Simply send along your name, email address, and city/state or city and country where you reside.
    Also send along a brief offer to sell or exchange your items, or note special interests. Send a picture of yourself if you'd like!

    We encourage all members and non-members alike to report finds to us of their holdings, especially ones in languages other than English or to non-US addresses.
    Typical information we need include:
    • Company sending the card (Abbott, Poulenc, etc.)
    • Country where the item was mailed from
    • City and date of the postmark
    • Description of the postcard's picture
    • Language the card is written in
    • City and country to where the card was mailed

    Email the info to the email address below.

    *** Publications ***

    You can now order David Lai's book depicting Pentothal cards on!

    Click the book to check out the details! List price is $24.95, Amazon's price is $9.98!

    Biomarine Dieppe, Campagnes Publicitaires
    Etude: Publicite et Philatelie

    Biomarine Dieppe, "Publicity Campaigns: Publicity and Philately"
    by Jeannine Godeau and Sandro Mele, September 2008,
    edited by the Philatelic Association of Dieppe, France (in French)


    Catalogue des Periples Ionyl (1947/1972)
    Editions YVERT & TELLIER

    "Catalog of Ionyl Journeys 1947-1972"
    by Jean Storch and Bertrand Sinaise, April 2014,
    available through Yvert & Tellier (in French)

    Monograph 9, "A Catalogue of Falkland Islands Postcards, 1950-1982," published by the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group.

    Updated April 5, 2024

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