New "Dear Dr" Card Type Found

By Tom Fortunato
written August 15, 2005

New pentothal card varieties continue to be reported on a fairly regular basis, but a report about a completely new card type is a rare occurance.

That's the case here, with a card from Belgium from the more elusive later mailing which took place 1966-1968. The card is inscribed in three languages, "Brussels, a part of the Market Place" on the reverse in the upper left.

The new card was discovered by member Greg Stewart of Provo, Utah. Again, eBay was the source, in a lot listing of "58 vintage world postcards with stamps" that ended August 6, 2005. The lot description was, "Here we have 58 vintage late 50's early 60's world post cards with stamps. Most all are from different countries. Every one is written from Abbott to a doctor here in Bay City MI. Each one is talking about the use of pentothal for surgery. They are all used and in good condition. Please see the pictures and email me with any questions."

Sold by eBay handle "dolobozz," the lot started at $7.75 and four separate bids and bidders brought the auction to a close at $140.30, plus shipping. The original lot photos are depicted here.

Interestingly, the lot turned up not only one, but two examples of the new type. Note the uncancelled Belgium Europa pink 1 franc stamp on a postcard in the second enlarged view. Both cards were mailed to the same address, assumed to be a hospital or medical center, but to different doctors. Despite the description, some of the postcards in the lot were not Abbott cards but other cards sent to the doctors.

Greg was shocked when told of the importance of the find. He's interested in trading or selling the uncancelled second copy as he looks to expand his own "Dear Doctor" collection of exclusively English language cards.