New Find: Peru Card

by Tom Fortunato, August 23, 2012

Hat's off again to member Roger Cichorz who found a new Abbott card type from Peru and an English language one at that. Offered for sale on a popular auction site, this undiscovered gem sold for $3. Unfortunately, Roger was not the successful winner, finding it after the sale.

Only a part of the message portion is visible from the original owner's image, but enough of the description is visible to confirm it is a picture of "Lago de Paca" in the Jauja region of Huancayo, Peru. Sheep are seen grazing in the foreground with a native woman and a boat nearby.

This card is now listed as type 132A on the master Pentothal listing, described as "Landscapes of Peru near Jauja (sheep grazing)". The postmark appears to be dated August 25, 1967.

Has anyone else ever run across this card before?

Here's an image of the reverse of a similar face-front postcard, but not the Pentothal version, which when compared to the image above looks like is using more text in the upper left with words in a different line arrangement, and lacking the Pentothol Sodium line in the center verbiage.