Poulenc Butterfly Mailing

by Tom Fortunato, June 11, 2011

Dealer Frank Hoyles has reported several examples of an interesting drug mailing by Canadian firm Poulenc to doctors in that country in 1964.

The advertisement enclosure was for Largactil, a low potency psychotic drug (chlorpromazine hydrochloride, C17H19C|N2S) that could be used for nausea, severe hiccups and even cancer pain. The other item in the mailpiece was the star attraction- a butterfly! The written text offers no clue why the insect was included in the package, viewable from the envelope's circular cutout.

However another intriguing question remains: Why was the outer envelope apparently advertising another product? Lidepran (levophacetoperane hydrochloride, C14H20C|NO2) is touted as a weight loss drug!