Fournier Cards 1911-1917, the First Dear Dr Cards?

By Tom Fortunato
written July 3, 2008

As these images will attest, the French drug company Fournier issued a series of cards sent to doctors in the South American countries of Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay between 1911-1917, at a minimum. All start with the familiar salutation, "Dear Doctor," mailed from Paris. There are only two settings of text among all of the cards, which advertise a neurological drug named Ceribrine (or Ciribrine). On appears "signed" by Fournier at the very bottom, the other by "A Fournier."

They appear to be in at least three different sets--Paris views, Paris churches, and Military. It's interesting to note that World War I apparently did not stop the ad campaign; In fact, it created a whole new theme set of cards relating to war activities.

At the end of this article I've included a similar military-themed card created by a different drug company, J. Boilotte & Company of Paris. No "Dear Doctor" salutation was used, but it proves that at least one other firm was sending similar type cards to South American doctors at the same time.

Paris Views Series

Paris- Arc D'Triumph, postmarked May 2, 1913

Paris- Dirigible and Eiffel Tower, postmarked January 1914, card number 3218

Paris- View of 7 bridges from St. Gervais, postmarked 1915, card number 27

Church Series

Paris- St. Germaine, postmarked March 1911

Paris- St. Chapelle, postmarked August 14, 1912

Paris- St. Jacques Tower

Paris- Louis Pasteur Tomb

Military Series

1914-1915 Campaign, Artillery battery, postmarked September 28, 1915, card number 60

1914-1916 Campaign, Anti-aircraft position, postmarked May 1, 1916, card number 535

1914-1917 Campaign, Trench warfare, the First Line, postmarked April 2, 1917, card number 561

Military Series- by J. Boilotte & Company

Army strongman, postmarked 1912, card number 175