Issuing Company Located Mailing Years Mailed From Mailed To Advertising Card Depictions Languages  Notes
Abbott Labs Illinois, USA 1954-1968 Worldwide Worldwide drug- Pentothal "Dear Dr" Assorted color or black & white native cards English, French, German, Greek,  Italian, Spanish, Swedish  
Abbott Labs Illinois, USA uncancelled US Argentina drug- Pentothal North Chicago Plant of Abbott Labs (b&w) Spanish  
Abbott Labs Illinois, USA 1957 (Sp), ? (US) US & Spain Uruguay drug- Iberol Fuerte iron plus filmtabs dolls dressed in Spanish regional outfits, printing in black & red Spanish  
Abbott Labs Illinois, USA 1960 Greece Argentina drug- Dayamin boy in traditional garb Spanish  
? Belgium 1955 small islands Belgium drug- Alcasedine   French  
? Belgium 1960 Monaco Belgium drug- Arseniode   French  
Bayer   1938 Algeria Argentina     Spanish  
Belgana Belgium 1950-60s worldwide Belgium drugs- cardiotonic?, gluthematon?, salicyles?, spasmoryl?, vanidene?   French  
Burroughs Wellcome & Co. USA 1956-1959 Worldwide USA, Br W Indies, GB, Uganda drugs- Empirin, Marezine, Marezine, Methedrine, Perazil, Sudafed Assorted color or black & white native cards English  
Denver Chem   1963 Great Britain Canada     English  
?   1971 Hong K, Thailand Denmark drug- Dumex   Danish  
Hoechst Germany 1954 Germany Germany drug- Penifen penicillin hospital waiting area in grey, black and pink German  
La Biomarine Laboratories France 1947-1964 Worldwide France, Belgium, Egypt, Switzerland drugs- Ionyl, Marinol, Plasmamarine Assorted color or black & white native cards French like Burroughs cards
La Biomarine Laboratories France 1952 Belgian Congo France drug- Ionyl maxi-cards of the depicted definitive stamp used French  
Laboratoire Roger Bellon France 1955-1957 Milan, Italy France drugs- Actiphos tonic, Bronchocilline suppositories Assorted color cards with buildings French  
Labratorios Brunschwig Cuba 1949 Fr W Afr-Abidjan Cuba drug- Ionyl black and white card Spanish like Burroughs cards
Lakeside Laboratories Ltd. Canada 1960 Toronto, Canada Canada drug- Dactil-OB  color views of buildings English  
Moxgine?   1952-1957 Paris, France USA drug- Enzypan (digestive) comical type images English  
Nestle Switzerland? 1963 Worldwide Italy drug- Pelargon Rosso   Italian like Burroughs cards
Nion Corporation USA 1957-1958 s'Gravenhage, Neth. USA drugs- Calcinafers and Super Hydramin Powder  views of Italy, Sweitzerland, Sweden, etc. on Chairman's Tour English  
Pfizer USA 1952 New York, NY USA drug- Terramycin for brucella melitensis Malta, Pyramids various scenes English  
Poulenc Limited Canada 1956-1962 Worldwide Canada drugs- Largactil, Nozinan, Panectyl, Rovamycine, Stemetil   English like Burroughs cards
Roche   uncancelled Canada Canada drug- Noludar (sedative) view of Canadian scene English  
Schering   1959 Canada Canada drug- Chlor-Tripolon (hay fever)   English  
Searle & Co   1972 Worldwide USA drug- Lomotol (diphenoxylate hydrochloride- antacid?)   English  
Squibb   1959-1963 Worldwide Canada drugs- Squibb Ether, used for Vesprin, Moditen, Rautracyl   English like Burroughs cards
?   1962 Hamilton, Bermuda USA drug- Sundare (sunburn protection) beach scene English  
Upjohn   1957 USA Canada drug- Kaopectate various scenes from the USA English  
?   1965 Monaco France drug- Viberol Tyrothricine   French  
Will Pharm   1971 Montreal Canada     English  
Winthrop-Stearnsman   1951-1952 Worldwide USA drugs- Aralen, Milibis black and white cards English  
Wyeth   1958 USA USA drug- Zactirin   English  
?   1964-1967 Worldwide USA drug- Festal   English  
Air France   1957 France, Japan USA airline   English  
Japan Air Lines   1975 Japan Canada airline   English  
KLM Airlines   1982 Nigeria USA airline   English  
American Express   1956 European locales USA travel services   English  
American Express   1958 Switzerland USA movie: Around the World in 80 Days   English  
Amora France 1952-1972 Worldwide France mustards and sauces   French like Burroughs cards
Aquarelle Arches   1953-1957 Worldwide France artist supplies   French like Burroughs cards
Around the World Shopping Club   1953-1956 Paris, Liechtenstein USA gift club various scenic views English  
Barathea   1954 New Caledonia France cloth manufacturer cocotiers French like Burroughs cards?
Breck Holland B.V. Netherlands 1986 Hillegom, Neth. USA flowers girl with tulip bouquet amid flower fields English  
CBS Radio USA 1958 Moscow, USSR USA radio news Kremlin at Night, from the Moscow River English  
CS Great Britain 1956-1958 Worldwide Great Britain telephone communications company   English (like Burroughs cards)
Drug & Merchandise Show USA 1953 Parma, Italy USA NY show at the Hotel Statter Sept 22-29, 1953 Parma- Particolare del Monumento a G. Verdi English  
Fox's and Budd's USA 1968 Antwerp, Belgium USA jeweler in Elkhard, IN Tom Fox's first diamond buying trip to Europe English  
General Friendship USA 1946 Guyaquil, Ecuador USA bulsa wood, quinine, kopak for life preservers making pots dryimg in the sun English  
Gulf Oil USA 1957 Paris, France USA local Gulf Oil gas station Eiffel Tower English  
Heinz Store, Scranton, PA USA 1939 Paris, France USA hair stylists- visit seeing hair styles and beauty trends Paris- Notre Dame- L'Abside English  
Kahn Brothers + Pinto, Inc. USA 1960 Paris, France USA clothing store- selected beautiful styles L'Arc de Triumphe et Place de l'Etoile English  
Le Tallee Ceramiste France unknown Saigon, Vietnam France ceramic shop elephant hunt  French  
Le Vallee France? unknown Worldwide France unknown   French (like Burroughs cards)
Maggi Germany 1958-1965 Worldwide Germany food of some kind   German (like Burroughs cards)
Marine Midland Bank USA 1958 Hamilton, Bermuda USA (NYC addesses) Visit the Shoppingtown branch bank and win a trip to Bermuda   English  
NBC TV USA 1953 Europe/Middle East USA 8th Anniversary of NBC-TV news film   English  
Nestle Switzerland 1957-1960 Worldwide Italy decaffinated Nescafe coffee   Italian (like Burroughs cards)
Shell Oil USA 1937-1939 Worldwide Canada local gas stations   English  
Shell X-100   unknown Zanzibar Netherlands gasoline   Dutch  
Sieberling Tires   unknown France USA trip to Paris sponsored by company w/local address various scenes on TWA postcards English  
Sylvania Superflash     South Africa USA flash bulbs springboks, 12th Gotti Photo Tour of Africa English  
The Producer's Club   1962 Hamilton, Bermuda USA salesman winner from undisclosed company Castle Harbour Hotel English